Friday, February 5, 2016

Slavery or Freedom?

Sometimes we doubt what it is we are doing. We doubt that our business we are creating is what we are supposed to do. 

That's ok. That's normal. It is a business. People work at businesses. They create systems. WORK. Money doesn't just fall into our laps. 

The following is some of my thoughts I shared with the ladies on my Beachbody team. We were doubting that we were on the right track. I responded and this is what came out. I wanted to share it here, so I can remind myself in the future. 

"You're welcome. And for the record I have doubts too. Like on the first couple days of this month when I didn't make sc5 (this is Success Club 5, a goal that Beachbody sets for us to ensure that we are building our business) after all my hard work. I thought, "maybe this business isn't for me? Maybe God doesn't want me to do this?" But yet, I'm still passionate about this. I still believe it can work. I still want it to work.

I think that God gives us the desires of our hearts. I kinda think what he gives us IS the desire. Not the outcome (which would come if we work it).

I believe that God wants us to be successful and to make money and to be rich. But not for greed or for selfish desires but to do what he called us to do. To make a difference in this world.

To help other people not be enslaved to their job, to make fractions of their potential, to have their spirits sucked out by "the man". But for the Man, God, to give us life and hope and peace and health.

I know there are scriptures about the rich man who wouldn't give all he has to the poor. People think it means that he/we as Christians, shouldn't be rich. But I think what it was about was obedience and giving. The man wasn't able (or willing) to give what he had.

I want to make a lot of money because I want to give. I want to give hundreds to kids going on missions, to missionaries who are living abroad, to people here in the states, in our backyard.

I think this is why God gives us the desire to make money. I also think we need to make money smartly where we can live our passions that God gives us and not have to limit it to 2 weeks a year that the man gives us for vacation. I believe that's slavery not freedom."

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